Declaration of Suspension Offers False Hope

Sep. 25, 2020 / Newspaper Columns

Like so many of you, I am frustrated and infuriated with Gov. Tom Wolf’s policies he formed unilaterally and without input of Pennsylvanians or the Legislature. Understandably, I have been asked why I have not signed the Declaration of Suspension, which falsely claims to be a tool to end the governor’s State of Emergency Declaration. Let be clear, it does not have any legal standing. It has a zero chance of doing anything.

Wolf: Call Off the Dogs, Focus on Pennsylvanians in Need

May. 01, 2020 / Newspaper Columns

Our office is a “catch all” for state government information, which we then disseminate to our constituents. Right now, three out of four calls are from unemployed people trying to figure out where they are in the process of applying for compensation. They don’t contact us to hear “Did you try…” or “I don’t know…” But until Harrisburg starts focusing on these people who are hurting, the level of anger and frustration is only going to escalate.

Protecting Pennsylvania Taxpayers

Nov. 07, 2019 / Newspaper Columns

I’ve written and spoken about Pennsylvania’s budget many times. We know the issues; there is never enough money regardless of how much revenue is generated and Pennsylvania’s spending perpetually outpaces the economy of our state.

Discussing the Issues with Residents

Sep. 03, 2019 / Newspaper Columns

The 2019-20 Legislative Session has been a busy one thus far. In Harrisburg, we passed numerous bills out of the House that will impact every Pennsylvanian. While a lot of work does get done in the Capitol, I spent much of my summer talking with residents and listening to them tell me how bills we passed, and those we are poised to address this fall, would impact them.